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Ray Gralak

Hi Claude,

I think this may be happening because of recent changes to allow extra precision to some of the commands. The AP Driver uses the ASCOM libraries to create RA/Dec strings for some of the commands sent to the mount, so as a workaround for now you could define "." as decimal in Windows regional settings.

So, I've added a bug report for this issue and I expect a fix will be available in AP V2 v5.10.01, when it becomes available.

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Since Ascom driver version 5.09.09 I have issues because of the regional settings - decimal settings.

I have a french Windows 10 version, with the default decimal setting set to comma, the position and time
information in the driver window are not correct or sometimes empty, I have also a lot of communications
errors. The telescope crosshair in the planetarium software is also not functional.

Bets regards


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