Re: Meridian Flip


Thanks to everyone for the feedback. From reading everyone's responses it seems that a Meridian flip function is not built in or available, but only work-arounds or hacks to induce the meridian flip in third party software is available? 

This is annoying that such a well built mount doesn't have the most basic of functions. I know $500 mounts that can flip with built in functionality. In fact, I don't think I've used any other mount that couldn't do a meridian flip as a built in selectable function. I can't believe AP (one of the best mount producers) doesn't have it. Its like buying a luxury car that can't reverse. 

Does anyone know if AstroPhysics are going to program in the meridian flip into their next software release?

There are so many reasons why someone would need to flip the mount prematurely. I love the mount, but I'm utterly blown away AP have missed including this most obvious function. 

I'll keep checking in to this thread, maybe something else will pop up. 

Thanks again gentlemen, your feedback is greatly appreciated. 



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