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Konstantin von Poschinger


Till now I let all my mounts, 1200 900 and now 1600 outside. I remove the control box and the counter wight shaft. Then I cover it first with a thin plastic sack. Then I put a sack made of truck cover it.



Konstantin v. Poschinger

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Hello group :o)

I'm a very happy new user of AP900GTO mount and this is my first message.
I use it since a few weeks and everything is OK.

I'm using it on a permanent pier.
Every session i take it out, use it and take it inside after.

Of course i have to do a correct polar alignement at each session.

A solution to avoid redoing polar alignement each time is to let the lower part of the mount permanently outside and cover it with something waterproof and sun/heat proof. I can remove the CP3 Box easily after every session. I was think at a wooden box with big insulation but with air flowing through from the bottom.

What do you think about this ? Do you think this can give problems ? Corrosion problems, heat problems ...

Thanks a lot,


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