Re: Mach1 dec gear box backlash spec

Roland Christen

Anything under 1 second is normal for the spur gear. Guiding and calibration should always be done at 1x. The slower rates are for manual guiding only.


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Hi Everyone,

Is there a spec for Mach1 dec gear box backlash in arc secs or time delay at 1x guide rate?

I am trying to understand if the backlash I experience can be reduced by any means.

The worm gear to worm wheel mesh is good, the backlash I see comes from spur gear box. The total time delay from the fastest gear to the gear on the worm gear shaft is 0.8 sec at 1x guide rate. Mostly the delay comes from the spur gear on  the worm gear shaft to the foremost spur gear transition (0.6 seconds).

Is that too much and an indication of a mechanical problem?


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