APCC site vs. AP-V2 site


I installed AP-V2 *before* I bought APCC. I set up my sites  there. 

Then later, when I bought APCC, I installed my sites *there*. As I first fire-up APCC, that's where I change my site location.

However, I notice that AP-V2 does *not* inherit that information from APCC (I can see how that would be difficult) and displays as my site the 'wrong' one. It shows coordinates from site location and from mount (which are different.

My question is: Does this cause any problem? It doesn't seem to, but as it's AP-V2 which communicates with other software, I wonder if it would affect things like plate-solving (although that, too, seems to work great, within 1 pixel in two slews) etc. 

Incidentally, it *would* be great if the AP-V2 driver would get info from APCC when that's up and running. Something to work on on idle nights... 

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