1600gto dec gears "singing"



I've just done the prescribed gear mesh adjustments on my 1600GTO mount which is about 3 years old. After storage and some shipping shakeups, there was sone backlash. The adjustments worked fine from a backlash perspective, but my dec axis has developed a metallic singing sound which I expect is the worm gear resonating(?) maybe.......

Since the ringing only occurs in the final 20 degrees as the scope lays down into park4, I thought it might be a balance issue, however, as I apply more or less weight by hand, the sound does not change. I've obviously adjusted this noise into existence...I'm wondering if this a known issue and if there is guidance available to an adjustment that satisfies the backlash needs AND doesn't create unusual noises. In my limited experience, shrieking and howling gear trains are not a good thing........

many thanks

John Collins


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