Re: SKY-X Guide problem - compatibility with AP900?


Direct mode, you mean Direct Guide?  Only for Paramount's or Bisque TCS enabled mounts.

You need to use Pulse guide or the relays you've been using.

On 8/13/2017 10:19 AM, drecla@... [ap-gto] wrote:

I am using an Astro-Physics AP-900 Mount and trying to get SKY-X auto-guiding to work.

60mm 240mm f/4 AT Guide Scope - QHY5L-II Guide Camera - with relay cable to mount.

Using the Beta driver from SKY-X for QHY camera, and latest build of SKY-X

It works beautifully with PHD2, and will guide for hours, and calibrate with no problems.

I want to use SKY-X for everything to take advantage of a single program.  Is anyone else using a similar setup?  My typical error message is that I need to extend the time for calibration movement.  But watching the returning images, there appears to be no movement of the stars during the calibration run.  Almost like the relay control from SKY-X thru the camera is not working.  I think I have turned on all the settings, are there others for using the relay mode for guiding.  Sometimes having so many settings can complicate things, but also often useful.

Can I use Direct mode with the AP-900?  I've tried this, also without success.  There are multiple ways to run the AP-900 from SKY-X, 1) Using the API from SKY-X and 2) Using the ASCOM telescope driver from AP and there seems to be two ASCOM choices.  Any suggestions on what is best to use?  From operational standpoint, the SKY-X driver seems the most responsive, but Direct guiding mode does not work.  Any suggestion on what works best using SKY-X?

What seems to work best for guiding? Relay or Direct method with the AP mount?


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