Re: How Accurate Is the GoTo Feature of APCC for Imaging

Michael Fulbright <mike.fulbright@...>

I would concur - I'm sure modelling is essential for unguided SN surveys at high focal lengths but for most pedestrian imaging you just need plate solving and a reasonably good polar alignment to find targets to within 30 arcsec (or better in many cases).

Michael Fulbright

On 8/11/2017 11:30 AM, eeyore@... [ap-gto] wrote:

I couldn't begin to tell you how pixel-perfect APs can be made to slew...quite frankly, I haven't spent the money  or time on the software, hardware, and effort to build a model, have a proper procedure for using it, or whatever.

You know what i can tell you?

AP ASCOM driver is free, lots of plate solve engines (PS2, Elbrus, Astrometry) are free, and with even a cursory alignment and calibration, my Mach1's slews are accurate enough that platesolving takes < 1 minute, and NEVER takes more than 1 pass.

Frankly, at a cost of $0 and maybe 45s of my nightly imaging's "accurate enough". :)

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