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So, update. I tried the following steps. The problem still happening:

1. I unplugged the power connector from the CP2 controller and spread the connector.
2. I reseated the car-style plug into the power supply.
3. I noticed the CP2's power cable looked a little worn - there was electric tape near where the cable plugs into the controller (bought AP900 used). I swapped it out for the power cable from my AP1200 CP3.
4. I spread the power connector in the CP2 controller until it was visibly spread and the cable plugged in with a little more effort.

Through it all, I paid attention to the CP2's LED indicator light. I didn't at first, but on the first test I saw it glowing a bright yellow. In the subsequent tests, the LED was barely visibly red at power up, then would turn yellow (didn't seem as bright as the first time I noticed it) when the issue manifests.

The power supply is the Pyramid 120VAC/13.8 VDC converter recommended by AP when I bought the AP1200.

Roland, with respect to your suggestion below, is the sequence:
1. Unplug the Pyramid power supply.
2. Switch on the power supply.
3. Plug it into the 120VAC outlet.

What else can I check?


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After you fix the connectors and it still misbehaves, the switch on your power supply may be at fault. Try turning on the switch and then plugging the power supply into the 120VAC. See if the problem occurs.


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Thanks, Rolando! I'll check. It's a 120VAC/12VDC power supply, so I'll check the connectors.


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