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Joe, that is worrisome for sure. So far no problems w my CP4 but we're not challenging it much.


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    Unfortunately, we can’t spread the power pins on a CP4 cable :-)
    I suspect it even happened (once) on my CP3, back in Aug. 2013 – and its power pins were fine. Besides, the runaway problem continued even when the new CP4 was moved to my former AP-900 mount, sitting on the rec room floor, which has NOTHING mounted on its saddle except a D-Plate. The amber LED “motor stall” warning come on just as on the AP-1200, which evidently has nothing to do with an actual motor loading stall. It may just be a general purpose Fault Light.
– Different mount, different motors, zero load. Really looks like an internal DC loss to “some area or some component” on the circuit board, since it still has plenty of supplied DC horsepower to run away at very high speed, (repeatedly),  until I hit a EWNS keypad button in a panic to kill the previous slew. A previous CP4 software fresh reload didn’t change things.
    Worrisome in an emergency – old software logic handling bug?
Wouldn’t want my car’s engine computer to handle “DC fade outs”,  or isolated computer component failures,  this way ... while it is in motion.
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I have had this happen and in my case, AP900GTO CP2 it was the pins in the power socket needing to be gently spread back so they made proper contact. 

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