Re: Baader solar filter material question

J. L. Schenz <deltatec@...>


I wouldn't trust the IR blocking in a Sharpie pen. To really block a pinhole
you want something that is totally opaque, to be safe. Any paint that has a
reasonable level of inorganic filler - titanium dioxide for instance - should
do it. It won't look as "pretty" but you retina will be safe.

Jim Schenz

"Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky" wrote:

Well I did the best I could to create a decent cell for the Baader solar
filter material. It appears to be VERY serviceable cell if I do say so
myself. However I must say it looks like total hell. I did not get the
material PERFECTLY flat. It's not badly wrinkled, but it's not an optical
window either. Especially around the edges. If it's safe, I'll have it on
the 130EDT at RTMC and you can all have a good laugh! :) (Or I'll make a
new one before then!) No merit awards for craftsmanship here! LOL! I have
several digital pics of the cell and filter but am afraid to upload them.
You may hurt yourself laughing! :)

I have not tried it yet as I do have a question on safety (besides the Sun
had set<g>). I did blot a few pinholes with a black Sharpie pen. But there
really are quite a few when examined under an intense spotlight. Is it okay?
I mean we are talking teeny weeny tiny pin prick pinholes. If I blotted all
of them there would be a significant amount of black dots. Am I being too
picky? I am going to order another sheet as I should have used a stiffer
sandwich material which would have alleviated the flexure that caused the
'edge waves' (it's fairly flat in the middle. But for now, if things look
good by eye looking at the Sun, I'll try it (carefully) in the AM.

Clear skies,

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