APPC + Pointing Model Question


This is hopefully a question with a simple answer but I can't quite figure out what is happening.

(1) My mount is an AP1600GTO permanently mounted in my observatory and accurately polar aligned

(2) I do a RECAL on Arcturus or other obvious star. Using the hand controller I do a quick test slew to M13 to check everything is pointing correctly.

(3) I run APPM and build a 260 point model. It works fine. Every sample point plate solves correctly. I transfer the model into APCC.

(4) I slew to M13 and my (2,400mm) telescope is not pointing to that object correctly. Rather M13 is just off the image.

I think what is happening is that when the APPM begins it's run, it first points to the zenith and does a plate solve and RECAL which is different to my original. There is some order of operations I am likely not doing correctly. Ideas?


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