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Larry Denmark <kldenmark@...>

Thanks for the tips Eric. You wrote:

I just recently went through this with my 900 GTO mount so can offer a
couple of suggestions.
----snip---- I got to the point that I just left a 16mm Zeiss
eyepiece in the MaxBright when slewing from object to object...
Using star diagonals (e.g., MaxBright) saves wear and tear on one's neck and
knees, but can introduce polar alignment errors. Be certain that the star
diagonal is dead-on in it's position within the 2" focuser tube; i.e., make sure
it is absolutely flush up against the focuser. Also make certain your ocular is
seated properly. Finally, be certain to use an ocular with cross-hairs.

Third, when you are doing you alignment do not use the N-S-E-W buttons to
recenter the star if it is off to one side. Use the altitude and azimuth
adjusters on your mount for this.
Just for clarification, don't use the N-S-E-W buttons to *recenter* Polaris.
One should use the buttons to center the other reference stars.

Larry Denmark
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