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Derek Wong <dawong@...>

mark dambrosio wrote:

Why have this group in an e-mail group? Doesn't make much sense to
me. Why not have just a regular newsgroup like sci astro? Mark
Hi Mark:

Sorry about verification #, but I don't know what it means--all I know
is that you are on the list.

Newsgroups like s.a.a. are fine, but there are several disadvantages:

1. Spam city--I get several duplicate Viagra messages a day. E-groups
e-mail lists can be harvested, but it is much more difficult.

2. Extra messages--look at all the porno which already gets through on

3. Moderation--there is no easy way to kick troublemakers off a
newsgroup--with an e-group all it takes is a keystroke.

4. Fewer useless debates--look at the GOTO vs. starhopping or Mak-Newt
vs. APO threads. Sure, there are a few useful messages, but many posts
are garbage. I have no problems with useful discussions, but when the
debate gets off topic it can be terminated.


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