Re: ODD Tracking message at APCC Horizon Limit

Ray Gralak


If you can reliably reproduce the parking behavior you saw, then please post it here and I'll take a look.

But, I don't think there is anything wrong with the Horizon limits. You might be able to fool it by moving the scope around near a limit, but the trigger action happens when the limit boundary is crossed, and is not reset until the "Reset limit" is clicked, or the scope is pointed outside of the limits.

So, to be clear, the mount will NOT stop tracking if you enable horizon limits or reset the trigger while inside the limits. The scope has to cross the limit boundary.

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Thanks for that further explanation Ray,

Mind you, in my test, NO PLANETARIUM program was running – absolutely nothing but APCC.
I let the “settling message” continue at Park-2 for a couple of minutes, until it seemed it was NOT going to
soon settle down. Could have waited longer, but it already seemed to be stuck in an unreasonable delay.

I wonder if all motion had really ceased before this wait, and the motors stopped, even as APCC waited for
some kind of oscillation to end.
BTW – it was a dead calm night, so no winds were buffeting the truss tube.

Next time, I’ll repeat the test, and if it happens again, give it say ... a half hour to finally come to rest.


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