Re: odd parking position discrepancy



Is "Resume from Present Position" (which is non-existent in APCC Standard) the same as "Resume from Last Parked"?


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The Park positions, especially Park1 and Park4, will never be exactly parallel to the earth. There are a number of reasons for that, including the time it takes for the Dec axis to stop moving after the RA axis has gotten to the park position. During the Dec slewing the RA will be tracking at the sidereal rate, so that at the end of the park sequence it will be slightly off. The second reason is that atmospheric refraction is being applied so that the RA and Dec positions will be slightly high.

For the above reasons, when you re-start the system next time, don't Resume from Park4, rather use the more accurate Resume from Present Position. That is the most accurate way to start your mount after it has been parked. The mount always keeps track of the slight differences on the actual position, so let it resume from its internal known position. The only time I would ever use Resume from Park4 (or 1 or 2 etc.) is when starting with a fresh setup where the internal mount positions are not known or where you have moved the scope via loosening the clutches.


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