Re: PEMPro without a keypad?

Christopher Erickson

You don't need a keypad to operate PEMPro and analyze your PEM curve and optionally create and save a new one.
-Christopher Erickson
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Summit Kinetics
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Hi all,

I'm waiting for my new mount to arrive, so I decided to look through the APCC manual while I wait. I read through a brief discussion of PEMPro, and if I'm reading it correctly, the preferred method to record PEM is to use the keypad in order to record more than one worm cycle. I didn't order a keypad because I'll be imaging with a computer. Is it possible to use a virtual keypad (either ASCOM or APCC keypad window) to get a multi-cycle PEM recording?

I am aware that the mount comes preprogrammed for my specific mount, but I assume that I'll want to do a new recording at some point in the future.




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