odd parking position discrepancy



John Collins from Oregon here. Wondering if anyone has seen/fixed this:

Historically, my CP3-controlled setup (AP 1600GTO, CDK17, STX camera) would maneuver all night and return to park with no discrepancy at all using SkyX native driver. Setting up a new observatory with CP4, APCC Pro, and V2 driver, I'm seeing a discrepancy creep into results. I have a digital level on the cw shaft....physically set RA and DEC to 0.00 degrees at park 4.....if I so much as nudge the scope out of park, then repark using APCC pro for both moves, I have a 0.4 degree RA and a 1.1 degree DEC error when apcc reports parked. These discrepancies repeat reliably...that is, there doesn't seem to be some loose thingy flapping around...the errors are quite deliberate. The weird part is that SkyX pro "likes" the erroneous numbers better, showing the scope parked right-on-the money, whereas there is a slight offset in SkyX when the park 4 numbers are "correct".

I'm sitting here in daylight just fiddling...will experiment tonight as to what actually works........

This may be part of CP4/APCC new-guy syndrome, so feel free to bop me on the head if needed...never saw this issue with CP3, but then I didn't have this resolution before either. I've done the balance, lash, etc........drawing a blank at this point. Any ideas?


John Collins



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