Re: Remote networking?

Tim Khan


There is a way with win2k and winXP you can control,
and see the desktop of the computer hooked to the
Mount and CCD camera. My friend who is designing the
TCS for RCOS has been testing this from Florida
controlling a mount, ST-10 and TCS in Arkansas. I'll
ask my friend to let me know how it is done.


--- "Mike J. Shade" <mshade@...> wrote:
Does anyone have any timps or ideas on running a
1200GTO via a remote
network? Would like to run the mount with The Sky
for slewing and such and
Maxim for CCD control via the computer in the house.
Laptop runs The Sky
and another desktop in observatory run Maxim for CCD
control All three
computers running W98.


Mike J. Shade: mshade@...
Sonoita Hills Observatory, Sonoita Arizona

See work done at the observatory:
under the "photographs and images" panel on the left
of the screen.

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