Re: mount parking during imaging - how to determine why

Ray Gralak


I never saw a log file with a KA command. You said you had put up the wrong log file.

However, if you are going to put up the driver and APCC files:

1) Please use the APCC Log zipper utility so that the settings files are captured. Include all files for that evening.
2) Include the SGPro and PHD2 log files
3) Include in your reply the five minute (or better) time window within which the park event ruined your image.

If the file is too big to upload to the files section, then use DropBox and create a public download link.

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-Ray Gralak
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I assume you looked at the log file and didn't see anything to cause the park
command to be sent?

I'm pretty sure I wasn't doing anything on the laptop when the mount parked either
night (in fact I think I was napping the first night), but I have to admit I wasn't paying
attention so anything's possible. I will be more aware next time.

Would it be possible to add an entry to the log file when someone does something to
park the mount, especially when double clicking on the status bar? If I accidently
cause the mount to park in the future it would be obvious in the log file.


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