Re: APCC, AP V2 ASCOM driver, SGP, AP1200 GTOCP3 (M-chip)


Hi Geof, you're right, meridian flips are all about preventing the telescope/camera from crashing into the pier. there are some piers with "necks" in them such that the telescope could do a 360 without hitting anything, but for most of us the camera or scope will eventually hit the pier or tripod depending on the declination the scope happens to be pointed at.

as for target acquisition and flips, SGP comes with PlateSolve2 which is pretty easy to configure and by solving after slewing the scope, SGP can re-point the telescope with great accuracy, even after a flip. also because SGP is commanding the slew that results in a flip, it's smart enough to not do this in the middle of an exposure.

for my part i just have my targets loaded in SGP and at the beginning of the night i take the tarp off my telescope and press "run sequence"... and the next morning i check out all the subexposures that i got... assuming the fog does not roll in and end everything prematurely!


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