fiasco with apcc/V2 driver virtual ports



John Collins from Eugene, Oregon here. Operations just went downhill incredibly fast....I had been running apcc pro ver with the V2 driver ver 5.09.09 just fine using USB control. Started up tonight and apcc started, then called the V2 driver as always, however, the V2 virtual com port# window pulsed on/off 4 times and threw an "error connecting to the AP V2 driver-no mount on the com port". I checked port #'s, aok. Restarted pc and apcc showed no virtual com 10 dev mgr showed com9 and com 10 virtual ports. APCC would not delete or recreate the ports--com 9 and 10 were not in apcc's port selection drop down....probably since they were considered in use(?).

While the V2 driver did not connect when apcc called, it did connect manually using the connect button.......tried fiddling with the V2 com port timeout setting--no discernable change.

Tried the "use ascom object" check box as suggested--no change.

Uninstalled and reinstalled apcc pro (checked the install/reinstall virtual ports box) and V2 change.......apcc calls the driver, but no data loaded into display windows. APCC pro does have all the mount data displayed via the physical port. Now the V2 driver is not even trying to connect.

I smell a rat in my pc but can't find it........

any ideas?

will try going back to the native skyX driver for the moment

many thanks

John Collins


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