Re: Unguided imaging


I imagine these were with the 3600GTO? 

Re "is unguided imaging a must:" 

From following a *lot* of the high-end mount discussions on CN, there's a group of well-heeled individuals who really, really wants to do unguided imaging. And there's the majority who doesn't really see the point--why not guide? But people will pay a premium of several thousand dollars to get a 10Micron for just that capability. 

So if AP was to add (or improve) unguided imaging capabilities to what you demonstrated in those images, that would be worth a premium to some, not to others. It would lose sales if it were offered across the board at even moderate extra cost, but if it were a (reasonable) extra-cost option it would improve sales. (The current absolute encoder prices are a bit too steep for most, IMO).

Above just my $0.02. I like guided, and I already have my mount, so I've no dog in this fight ;-)

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