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Roland Christen

For your mount I recommend that you balance as close as you can by using the "disengage gears" feature. This mount has a new spring loaded gearbox, so the worm gears will always be in mesh. Yes, it can be run somewhat unbalanced, but it will run smoother and with less friction if you balance both axes as best you can. Start with the Dec balance, and make sure that it is balanced laterally as well as longitudinally if you have a side by side setup (i.e. two scopes side by side). Once Dec is in balance, then do the RA.


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I'm trying to improve tracking on my Mach1, and before I get to other possible problems, I'd like to understand balancing a bit better. (I'm only interested in imaging, and so try to be as precise as possible)

The manual says to balance *slightly* camera heavy and *slightly* counterweight-heavy. 

1) In other forums, and perhaps not applicable, I've read to balance *East* heavy. Does counterweight-heavy apply regardless of what side of the meridian the counterweights are for a particular object? 

2) I would like some quantification as to the "slightly". For example, using 2 9lb CW at closest position to the mount and a 6lb CW to fine-tune balance, I interpreted "slightly" to mean about 1 cm down from the perfect balance point (for the fine-tune CW only). Is that accurate? Too little? Too much? 

Incidentally, I totally love the feature where you can disengage the gears and achieve truly perfect balance.

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