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Robert -

  I use a Panasonic Toughbook CF-31.  They are the computers the State police around here use, and are designed to operate to -20.  They have a heated hard drive, and somehow the screen still operates in the dead of winter.

  You can get them for a reasonable price on auction sites, mainly because the police upgrade often.  The Bios of many of these are locked - set with a lost password - but that doesn't matter if you plan to use it as an observatory machine.

  In my case - I use the toughbook in the observatory, and remotely connect to it via a Ubiquiti bridge to a second regular laptop in the house.  Gives me the best of all possible universes.

  Cheers - Ed

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I call AP and George told me I would need to get a Windows PC to run the mount and that a Mac would not work with the 900.

Can someone tell me what I should buy and how much storage the PC should have to operate the mount and what Astro software to use.

I would only use the PC in the observatory I like a Mac for everything else.


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