GTOCP4 Amp-Meter Report


I'm electronics and mechanically inclined and have accumulated multiple amp-meters, shunt resistors,
 Volt/ohm meters and 2 working oscilloscopes.

 Monitoring amps and volts is not a problem for me.

GTOCP4 can or will be able to report instantaneous current draw.

That will be less for me to connect and monitor at setup time.

Com, USB, LAN, WiFi connection and now an amp-meter.

Very impressive.

I have always wanted to monitor the unregulated 12 volts inside the GTOCP3/4
Does the battery need to be changed out or am I good?

If the GTOCP4 can report instantaneous amps drawn
 could or does the GTOCP4 also report instantaneous unregulated 12 volts?

 The voltage report will not only indicate the capacity of battery but
 will indicate unwanted voltage drops in cable and connectors going to battery.

 I'm a Happy Camper!

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