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Diego Gomez

My friend, unfortunately you got the old version of the 1100. I am afraid you also got it with CP 3 box (you will have to check). There is nothing wrong with this model however if you paid the full price of a GTO1100 CP4 then I would ask for a partial refund. 

It's like you are buying a 2017 car but instead receives a 2013. In my case I'd be very disappointed and mad of course!

Good luck with the seller!


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Here is one more picture. 

There where the cover for the lever should be, is only blank metal. I am completely confused now because without free moving axis I feel unable to balance the system.
Please help!!!


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Thomas Hellwing
Am 17.06.2017 um 15:16 schrieb 'T. Hellwing' t.hellwing@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...>:


Could it be that my dealer sold me a GTO1100 with old gear boxes from the GTO900?
KR Thomas

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Thers is only one cover on the left side and there you can find the gear wheels.

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There's a cover over the levers that you just lift off.

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Dear all,

I tried last night to Balance my system but the dec and even the RA axis are not turning slightly enough.

The manual says that ther are covered levers at the gearboxes to interrupt the gear wheels from the axis. My problem: At my gearboxes are no levers. I bought everything new 4 weeks ago.

Look at these pictures:

Thanks for your comments!


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