Re: Getting back in the saddle & some random Q's

Michael Turner


My Mach1 is a 2009 vintage.  I have upgraded to the:

Rotating Pier Base / Hi-Res Azimuth Adjuster Kit, M1RAUP.  This is the best  H/W upgrade I have added.
New machined knob set, M1485KBKIT.
EPROM V chip for the CP3 controller, CHIPKITV.
RAPAS (RAPAS) with the RAPAS right angle adapter (RAPM1).
Keypad Firmware 4.19.3
15V, 10 Amp Power  Supply (modified to include Anderson Power Poles on the front.

I use the mount on a 6 inch x 54 inch AP Portable Pier (6X54PP) for both visual and imaging purposes.



At 10:48 AM 6/13/2017, you wrote:

Many years ago, I forgot the date, I purchased a new Mach1GTO and enjoyed using it quite a lot - developing my astrophotog skills. Then life happened - work obligations, family, moving house and travel and such caused me to consume my weekends doing other things for a number of years. Now that those obligations have quieted down, I'm getting out into the night more with the smaller gear and want to get my Mach1 back into action next.

First: As it has been quite a long time, I feel like a Rip van Winkle here and am noting there have been some changes to the Mach1 in the intervening years. Newer base, control box, and other accessories. Are any of these super-ultra must-haves that make setup or use considerably better? The right-angle alignment scope jumps out at me for avoiding the neck contortions I not-so-fondly remember during setup.

Second: I'm going to Oregon for the eclipse and nature photography. I've sold my other mounts long ago, with the Mach1 being my only EQ mount. I'd like to get it from the east coast to Oregon, and the Mach1 rests in its own wheeled Pelican case. My tripod is a weighty aluminum job I got from Company7 - marginally portable in terms of airline travel, I'd say. I'm wondering if anyone has transported their Mach1 via airline and might provide some tips or suggestions, and I'm open to airline-compatible tripod suggestions for the Mach1. I reckon I would need to ship my battery pack ahead via FedEx/UPS because my viewing location for the eclipse offers no AC power.


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