Help with AP GTO on Parallax 125

Mike Mah

AP 155 EDFS, AP rings on 16" Parallax Dovetail on Parallax 125 with

I have had this out several times now and have been unable to get it
to point accurately - place and time setup are correct.

On calibrating with Polaris, I have used Pollux, but after several
iterations, whenever the mount slews back to Pollux, it is always off
by a couple of degrees and I have to push the East button to
re-center Pollux. When it slews to Polaris, Polaris will be centered.
When I slew to another object, I can find it by pressing the East
button for the same period of time.

I haven't checked for orthogonality using the method in the manual -
I don't know which stars straddling the meridian to use and I can't
stay up later to use Arcturus as per manual. On spec and assuming a
one degree error in orthogonality, I shimmed up the front rings by
one quarter inch tonight and it didn't seem to make any difference.

Even when I recalibrate on Pollux and then slew to Castor there is
still variable error of about half a degree.

Any ideas?

Mike Mah

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