Re: APCC Park Issue

Bob Denny

I got a call today from a mutual customer but I can't visualize what's happening or not happening. If you need to talk to me please feel free to call. I will be on the road tomorrow so call my cell if needed. I will be out for a couple of hours this afternoon

As far as parking is concerned, ACP knows nothing except to call Telescope.Park() then wait for Telescope.AtPark becomes true. That's all there is to it. There are no timeouts, watchdogs, retries etc. in ACP for this. It must be done right, or an error must be raised to indicate that it  didn't get done and optionally why (the latter message will be shown the my user). This is "do it right or raise an error". Also, ACP honors the COM rules as far as threading goes. 

More info on why ACP doesn't watchdog and retry when interfacing with the various devices can be found in my public post

Why is it that ACP gets "stuck" sometimes? Can't you do something?

I thought it might help to post some basic info here in the absence of any knowledge of the specific problem (other than being called to help by our customer). Perhaps the above will help in some way. I'm hoping to get some specific info to sink my teeth into soon.

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