Re: Mach1GTO - Crazy calibration with PHD2

Leo Shatz

I'm following this post as a new user of Mach1 after upgrading from EQ6 mount. I also used to guide at 0.5 rate and didn't consider to align my guidescope with ra/Dec grid. I'd like to know some explanation behind the suggestion to align the guider with RA/Dec axes. When guiding star moves in different directions, the scattering pattern is random in all possible directions, and corrections are applied independently on both axes, so why orientation matters?


Leo S.

On Apr 26, 2017 7:40 PM, "samara_c@... [ap-gto]" <ap-gto@...> wrote:


Thank you. I will check the guiding camera for orientation. It is good to know that the mount works best at 1 x guide rate, it's not what I have been using but in this case I actually tried both, 0.5 x and 1 x. I will definitely change it permanently to 1 x. The problem happened out of nowhere, last time I imaged everything worked fine and than I spent several weeks without imaging because of the weather and then last night this happened.

I didn't know the orientation of the guide camera mattered, I will definitely double check. 

Thanks again!

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