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Roland Christen

Usually when the guide star moves out of the box it is because the pier flip box in Maxim has been checked. What this does is to reverse the calibration moves so that instead of the guide star slowly moving toward the center, it starts heading away from the center and eventually moves out of the guide box.

When you do your calibration, do not check the pier flip box.


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Back story...I gave up on imaging a year ago because of a guiding issue that suddenly appeared and I could not remedy.

I now have a new computer, and new connections between that computer and the serial connections (ie new USB-Serial)  Mount is a 900.  Never gave me problems before.  Tracking and gotos are not effected at all.  Problem is when I hit "Guide"

Normal setup is using AP driver (current version) with ACP, Maxim (6.11 have seen behaviour though in other versions) and FMx v4 all connecting to the mount through the AP driver.  Guider is an Orion Starshoot (KWIK Guider).  Setup is in a dome.

Calibration of Guider seems to be issue I t hink.  The "L" pattern forms, but then there are some calibration runs when the final return jog shows zero movement.  Other times I do get a full proper "L"

When I do get the proper pattern and then start guiding, I watch as the Guide star gets sent all over the place and then out of the window.  Lowering the Aggressiveness simply extends how long before the star is lost, but does not help that it wanders all over the place.

To remove Maxim from the equation, I have tried guiding with PHD and see the same behaviour.  PHD seems to be happy with its calibration run, but then goes nuts as soon as it attempts to guide. me track down the source of this issue...I really want to image again!


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