Re: backlash, apcc, ap v2, gtocp4, new gear mesh mounts

Ray Gralak


The driver and apcc don’t have backlash controls for the cp4 because the backlash correction commands were removed from the cp4. I think the reason was that people would sometimes set the backlash value incorrectly and that was causing guiding problems. A-P has been recommending a 0 backlash setting for some time, so this essentially enforces that recommendation with the CP4.

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I ask because of the appc and ap v2 driver setting to remove backlash (gto cp3
only). Why not with the gto cp4? You can use a cp4 with older mounts as well so it
can't be the new gear box.

I see now on the ap website that the backlash setting was for manual guiding back
in the day:

"Does not have R.A. and Declination backlash control. This was initially designed
for manual guiding."



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