Re: APCC, The SkyX and SkyTools 3 PRO

Jack Huerkamp



After powering up the AP1600, I start APCC.


I then either start SkyTools and connect to the mount using it or start The SkyX and connect to the mount.


Once connected with either, I can move the mount to a target by clicking on it in the chart and doing s slew.


You are suggesting starting The SkyX, connecting to the mount in APCC and then somehow connecting SkyTools to The SkyX so that I could use T-Point and the maps in SkyTools.


I would appreciate hearing back from anyone who has done this as I am really not a fan of the charts provided in The SkyX


Yours truly,




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Hi Jack,

APCC is "downstream" from TheSkyX/TPoint, so to use TPoint in TheSkyX, I think you would have to connect SkyTools through TheSkyX, using TheSkyX's own API.

-Ray Gralak
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> Subject: [ap-gto] APCC, The SkyX and SkyTools 3 PRO
> I have been using APCC with my AP1600 and SkyTools 3 PRO to select and go to
> targets. I much prefer SkyTools charts to those in The SkyX since I have been a
> BETA tester and user of SkyTools since its original release. But I have been using
> T-Point with The SkyX to improve the accuracy in acquiring targets. Is it possible to
> connect both The SkyX and SkyTools 3 PRO to APCC and use the T-Point model
> while using SkyTools 3 PRO to select and go to targets?
> Yours truly,
> Jack Huerkamp

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