Re: APPM Run - Plate Solve Failures East of Meridian

Yves Laroche



According to what Bob Denny wrote in the opened ticket, “If the ArcsecPerPixel[Horiz|Vert] properties are set, and then SolveAllSky() is called, use the mean of the two scales as the "guess" and set 20% as the "tolerance" (which matches the tolerance of the internal solver). Otherwise, don't send the hints, allowing A.N to determine plate scale as well as the other things.”


The goal is to inform ANSVR to search the specific index file.  With a 20% tolerance, ANSVR should reach the proper index file.


We will see results when new PinPoint version is available.






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Thanks for the update.  I already do as you said ("the user must have only some index files in the subdirectory...").


Once PinPoint correctly passes the scale hint, what happens if that scale is significantly off?  Will ANSVR fail because it's only looking for the specified scale +/- 100% tolerance?  Or will it first try the specified scale and if it doesn't find a match then try every other scale?

For example, if a user has 50 index files in the subdirectory, will ANSVR look at all 50 files or only the file(s) that correspond to the scale that PinPoint passes?



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