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Harley Davidson

A lady I know that works in the hotel industry in Ohio said that as long as the highest rate they can charge for a room is stated on the hotel room door they can charge up to that rate but not higher. That's the info I never read on the inside of your room door.

I found this at:
Can a hotel charge me whatever it wants for a room?
Hotel rates depend on lot on seasonal variance and can fluctuate wildly, costing double or triple the normal rate during some times of the year. However, hotels cannot just charge you whatever they want. Many states mandate that hotels post a maximum charge in a conspicuous place (often on the back of the door).

Items such as a visitor fee or bed tax may be mandated by state or local law. Other fees, such as utility or service charges may not be legitimate, however. A hotel is not allowed to charge you more than the rate it quoted to you when you made the reservation unless you approve the charge in advance.

I paid for my reservation in full two years ago.


On 4/14/2017 3:55 PM, Anthony Ayiomamitis ayiomami@... [ap-ug] wrote:

This is one of the first instances involving the new practice and which
was aired last month:


On 14-Apr-17 22:46, Anthony Ayiomamitis wrote:
> Dear group,
> A big heads-up to those who have made arrangenents with a hotel for
> the pruposes of the eclipse. Many hotels realized they have a big
> event in their hands slightly late and have purposely cancelled many
> reservations so as to make those rooms available at MUCH higher prices
> and where $1000 per room per night is now the norm. The problem is so
> widespread that legal authorities are now looking into this matter
> (ex. District Attorney in Oregon).
> The usual excuse/reply from hotels is that your reservation cannot be
> found - perhaps due to a computer error - and that you will have to
> rebook. Those who booked through a third party (ex. Travelocity) are
> informed that there was most probably some glitch with the third party
> accepting the reservation since they (the hotel) do not show anything
> in your name.
> As a result, I suggest those who booked accomodation in advance to
> call their hotel so as to confirm there is indeed a current
> reservation in their name.
> Anthony.

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