Re: Great American Eclipse 2017


Casper's normal population is around 60,000.  The estimates are that it will double for the eclipse.  This may be an under-estimate.

Casper is on Interstate 25...the same Interstate that runs through Denver and the Front Range of Colorado. I reckon there are at least 2.5 million people within 4 hours drive of Casper (when driving is good).  Fortunately, there is a good stretch of I-25 that is within totality, so maybe those people will just pull over.

Craig, you are coming from the North and may not see much traffic!

Just sayin'...

P.S.  I am going to central Oregon.  As far as temporary population growth, it could be worse than Casper.  It's just that I have friends there on totality; so, insanely inflated hotel/campground prices and driving on the day are not an issue.


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I am going to make base camp at The Devil's Tower and commute to totality for the eclipse.  Planning to be there about a week before the eclipse.  I didn't realize there was an astronomy event in Casper while I am there... I may have to work that into my itinerary!

Craig Smith

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