Re: Great American Eclipse 2017

Dale Hooper

I'm also going to ASTROCON 2017 and observing the eclipse from Casper - so I will finally get to meet the Astro-Physics team.  I booked my hotel room more than a year in advance and I was still initially on a waiting list.  This will definitely be a lot of fun.

This will be my first eclipse, so I'm just going to observe it.  But, from giving a few presentations about the eclipse I've found some apps & programs that could be helpful to others.  First is eclipsedroid, for android smartphones - it will give you an audible countdown for contact events.  The non-free version can also be used to control camera shutters.

If you feel compelled to image it, then Eclipse Orchestrator is a good program to consider.  There are a couple other programs to consider including one for the Mac, but I don't have the info with me here at work.

Clear skies,

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