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Many to many "not"s in my last message <g>.

Since you stated that you can move the 9 lb. counterweight an inch or so before
noticing a difference, it implies that moving it 3 or 4 inches will make a
noticeable difference... and that's OK.

A-P makes great mounts... not sensitive beam-balances <g>.


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Hi Paul,

The Traveler is light weight and there is a certain amount of inherent
in the 600E... more so than was in my AP400 mount. But I am not certain if
are not experiencing a problem because I do not understand the following:

I'm not clear which axis your son had trouble turning. Did he try and rotate
the DEC axis by turning the counterweight as though it was a steering wheel
as to revolve the telescope in a circle around the DEC axis, as you stated) or
did he grasp the counterweight and pull or push on the counterweight shaft (so
as to move the mount about the RA axis)? And was the traveler seated on the
mount at the time (I assume so... but do not know for sure).

If he had difficulty turning it about the DEC axis, you probably do not have a
problem. If he had trouble revolving around the RA axis, especially if the
Traveler was seated opposite the weights, the clutch plates are too tight.
are easy to adjust... let us know if that is the case.


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