Re: APCC gives an error message

Ray Gralak

Hi Chris,

You can't usually just run installed software like that from an external drive. And if you installed the software then the icon was there unless perhaps your overly exuberant antivirus software had removed it! :)

So, if the downloaded software says it is signed by Sirius Imaging LLC, then it is legitimate and it is a false positive by your antivirus software. If it is not signed it should not be trusted. In general you should not completely trust any software that is not signed by a legitimate authority. If signed, disable your av software temporarily and you should be able to download and install apcc.

-Ray Gralak
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Hi Ray,

The "E" drive is an external hard drive I use for backup and for astro related "stuff". I
opened the backup copy from the external hard drive, it ran, I entered site data,
closed it, and then was unable to load/run it from my external drive. After your reply
I looked in the start menu and the APCC start logo was there. It wasn't there earlier
when I tried to start it prior to running it from the E drive. APCC now starts from the
start menu.

Now there is another problem. I am unable to download the latest version of APCC.
My anti-virus software says there is a Trojan in APCC. No matter what I do it will not
allow me to run the latest update. My anti-virus software is Kaspersky. How do I
make Kaspersky allow APCC to load and run? I've told Kaspersky APCC is from a
trusted source, but it won't allow it.

Thank you for your help!


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