Re: APCC gives an error message

Chris Patrick

Hi Ray,

The "E" drive is an external hard drive I use for backup and for astro related "stuff". I opened the backup copy from the external hard drive, it ran, I entered site data, closed it, and then was unable to load/run it from my external drive. After your reply I looked in the start menu and the APCC start logo was there. It wasn't there earlier when I tried to start it prior to running it from the E drive. APCC now starts from the start menu.

Now there is another problem. I am unable to download the latest version of APCC. My anti-virus software says there is a Trojan in APCC. No matter what I do it will not allow me to run the latest update. My anti-virus software is Kaspersky. How do I make Kaspersky allow APCC to load and run? I've told Kaspersky APCC is from a trusted source, but it won't allow it.

Thank you for your help!


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