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Christopher Erickson

I got a PoleMaster for testing and I can barely get it to work here at 19+ degrees on the Big Island of Hawaii.
FWIW, I can get it to work better if I first do a polar alignment in my Mach1's RAPAS or my 1100's PASILL4.  Which certainly limits it value to me.
And then there is it's apparent lack of compensation for atmospheric refraction and why if I need to do a really serious polar alignment I still use PEMPro.
Christopher Erickson
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Summit Kinetics
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Ok I've locked Polaris with RAPAS , I can see Polaris and just one more star that's way too faint in Polemaster to make my next move . Will either try late night or tommorow . I tried various gain and exposure settings by can only see two stars . As of now RAPAS wins ( my RAPAS is calibrated already) will post update after haze reduces 

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Dec axis motor, not RA motor.


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