APCC gives an error message

Chris Patrick

Hi All,

On March 28, 2017 I downloaded APCC with the activation code to run it. I saved it to my "C" drive and also a backup copy to my "E" drive. I opened APCC the night I downloaded it to set it up. It ran through it's procedure and opened to my desktop with no problems. When I closed out of it I was surprised to find it did not place an icon on my desktop. Since then I have been busy with a few other projects and haven't tried to open it again until this morning. Today I tried to open APCC from my "C" drive and got an error message saying, "Windows can not Access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."  I then opened APCC from my "E" drive, went through the setup procedure again, set up the various sites I observe from, and then closed out. Again, there was no icon on the desktop. Now when I try to open APCC from either drive I get the same error message as above. I also can not open APCC from either drive by right clicking and trying "Run as Administrator". Obliviously (:-) I've done something wrong!, but have no clue what it would be. How do I get APCC to run and place an easy access icon on my desktop?

Thank you for your help!

Chris Patrick 

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