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Another option would be to look for a pier like the old Mountain Instruments MI-8P.  The pier is 30" high and is 8" diameter 1/8" wall thickness steel.  You could then have it cut down to a height that is acceptable to you.  I am in the process of doing that myself.


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Even if I had a 31" tall tripod, I would only realize 3" off the total height, which would be then around 50". No problem either way setting up my 106 refractor, it's the big 11"EdgeHD with the ST80 guide scope on top that presents the problem.  I thought about this later and came to the conclusion why proceed solely because of the EdgeHD when I know I'll rarely use it compared to the 106.  For one reason or another, mostly weather, I don't have as many clear and moonless nights as I expected and when I do, my first interest is deep sky imaging.  I bought the EdgeHD thinking I'll dabble with planetary imaging, but soon realized I got way ahead of myself when I've got a long way to go learning deep sky imaging and processing.  

For me, imaging time is a premium and collecting data helps the overall learning process, buying the EdgeHD was more emotion than logic from a timing standpoint.  Thanks for the input anyway, appreciate the information.


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