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I had a similar delemma with my setup.  When I got my AP1100 my setup wound up being to high.  My setup includes a TEC-140, a 60 or 70mm guide scope on top plus the usual accumulation of accessories.  What I did was acquire a Meade field tripod, not the Giant one.  Measurement to the top of the tripod with feet retracted is 30.750".  With the interface I made, measurement from the top of the tripod to the top of the AP adapter for the 1100 is an additional 2.750".  So total is 33.500".  Once everything is mounted I am at a comfortable height.  No more step stools.

You should be able to pick up an older Mead field tripod for somewhere around $100.00.


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I must be doing something wrong here, why is it each message or response is repeated constantly?

Anyway, Dean and Chris gave me some food for thought so I'll take a look at the measurements and go from there.  At this point I'm not as committed to this idea, so I'll look into other options.  Thank you.


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