Re: RAPAS and Polemaster

Suresh Mohan

Dean ,
            Let me explain the exact scenario , I would see Polaris in RAPAS faintly but not on the EQ 6 scope as clarity was lacking . Each time we would fix the Polemaster , see a bright star , so far so good , 2 nd step was to rotate the field to match / it would not match - hence we assumed the bright star is not Polaris . Also when we did try to photograph we had trails . The problem was the eq6 polar scope which lacked clarity to identify Polaris as the initial step

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My pole master was way out of focus when I got it.  They said it would be factory set but don't count on it.  

I get about 1 arc minute with it and the RAPAS so a toss up for me.  I still do a quick tweak with pempro.  Sometime I am closer, sometimes not.  

Just another neat gadget to get a job done.  


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I wouldn't use the Pole Master if Polaris wasn't visible to the unaided eye, just a rule of thumb, something all Pole Master owners realize. It seems odd you found it with RAPAS, but couldn't find it with the Pole Master? The conditions must have deteriorated by the time you tried to site it with your friend's polar scope. The Pole Master camera is very sensitive, you can rachet the gamma intensity up whereby Polaris is as bright as Venus.  Of course the second step flopped if you can't see Polaris to begin with. The secondary stars are much dimmer than Polaris.  

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