Re: Shortening the height of G11 tripod

John Shutz

Don, yes, the height is right, but leveling on uneven ground will be an issue, especially with the way my backyard slopes towards the middle where the drains are. Also, I wanted something to handle uneven ground I might find at a dark sky location.


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Have you considered an AP portable pier with a 32" or possibly a 24" pier?

Don Anderson


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Subject: [ap-gto] Shortening the height of G11 tripod

I have a 900GTO and came to realize it is too tall to safely mount my recently purchased 11" EdgeHD SCT. To the middle of the saddle is around 54" and when the EdgeHD is fully loaded, it weighs in at around 42 lbs. I also have issues with a twice operated on left shoulder and knee (motorcycle accident), notwithstanding a broken back and pelvis too. So I've decided to look at some possible solutions.

The set up doesn't have to be as tall as it is, with an 80mm guide scope on top of the SCT the thing is 7' tall. I was wondering if anyone here has ever cut the tripod legs on their G11 tripod? I know to do so you would have to cut the inner adjustable sleeves as well, but it doesn't seem too complicated if I were to enlist the help of a machinist to do it right.

The tripod stands at around 35.6" high, I can see chopping it down by 10"-12", that would put the saddle at a comfortable mounting height. I haven't really looked at the tubes or taken it apart, just throwing this out to see if anyone else has done this. I know one drawback is the likely hood of devaluing the tripod, even if it's the older model non adjustable one. As a comparison, my CEM60EC mount/tripod is about 44" to mid saddle and that is ideal.


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