Re: observing Venus inferior conjunction with Mach 1 GTO

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Subject: [ap-gto] observing Venus inferior conjunction with Mach 1 GTO

Greetings all,I've been using a Tak TOA-150 on my Mach 1 recently to observe Venus during the daytime. I can set up the mount and get reasonably close to good polar alignment for visual use. At inferior conjunction yesterday, Venus was about 8 deg from the Sun and when I asked the mount to go to Venus, I got an "are you sure?" prompt, that I hadn't gotten a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to comment that I thought this is good software/safety design. I slew with all of my optics covered until I'm satisfied that I'm safely pointed away from the sun but this is a good checkpoint to have in the software to guard against mistakes.I continue to be impressed with the Mach 1 and AP's products.RegardsMike HayfordPS: I've attached an image for your perusal.

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