Slewing sound frequency

Brian Herbst <dbherbst@...>


I am a new owner of a 600EGTO mount and have had a couple of
opportunities to use it. One thing that is obvious is that I am
to need an illuminated reticle for the callibration routine. Also,
since my left eye is next to useless, I will be anxiously awaiting
polar alignment scope that may be made available (next to impossible
for me to focus just one eye to infinity through the RA shaft thus
seeing Polaris is very difficult for me). Anyway, I have a question
for the veterans here: Is it normal for the mount to fluctuate in
sound frequency as it is slewing to objects? I have the slewing
set at 1200 so I would have expected a uniform motor 'whine' as the
slewing is taking place. For the most part that is what I get but
occasionally it will briefly go down in frequency (as though it is
slowing down) and then recover to the steady whine that I presume
represents the proper slewing speed. It seems to be OK regarding the
pointing accuracy so maybe I am being picky with my observations?.....
Any others here observing the same thing and is this normal?

Brian Herbst

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