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Don Anderson

Sounds like the plug on the CP Controller is loose. Also sounds like you may need to clean the contacts in the plug as well. That may be why you are getting intermittent connection with the HC. You should be able to open up the CP mount controller and have a look at the back of the plug. A screw(s) may be loose. Check to see of any wires are broken off the back of the plug.
Good Luck
Don Anderson

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Friends ,
         I discovered something just now , the place where you connect the hc had a mild play ( rotational movement ). I placed the mother board against a wall and held the plug with a gentle upward pressure and finally heard the beep sound from the hc . Normally I would see a lot of numbers during upload on the screen but I'm not seeing it now , will wait for it to complete. So definetely there is a contact problem . Is it ok for the mother board hc socket to spin for 5 degrees. Is there a fix or just leave it alone ?

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Hi Don,
        I'm awaiting Howard s reply 

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Time to talk to Howard at AP

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The news about my hc is that it's not upgrading after several tries. Different laptops and different com ports as well . It took as many times during the last episode as well .

On 23-Feb-2017, at 12:24 PM, Suresh Mohan Neelmegh <drsureshmohan@...> wrote:

Mine is the same cp3 and I'm scratching my head 

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No problems at all upgrading the keypad firmware.  Mine is a CP3 on a Mach1.  Used a genuine but  5 or 6 year old FTDI serial adapter -- the one with the flashing blue lights -- on a 5 year old Dell M6700 Mobile Workstation running Win-10 Pro.
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Guys ,
Did any of you have problems upgrading to 4193? For me I did manage somehow but it went mad two days ago and froze in astrophysics 4.193 , now I'm not hearing the beep sound at the start of upgrade , trying the 5 th or 6 th time now .i think I must a borrow a laptop with a serial port . I do have astrophysics ftdi convertor and straight Thro cable

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